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Excerpts from a Journal of the Bixby High School Senior "Anaboliset Aineet" Trip to Colorado Springs CO, "Anabolika Definition" May 15 22, 1954.

Space does not allow a complete transcript of the journal. Events not transcribed are, a visit to Cave of the Winds, the Cliff Dwellers, Seven Falls, Royal Gorge, Disney Cartoon Studio and the Colorado Springs Zoo. Other activities were skating at the Ice Palace in Colorado Springs and swimming at the Broadmore Hotel. She told about Helen Hunt Jackson's grave at the top of the 400 stairs leading to Seven Falls and about the five mile hike to see the place where cliff dwellers once lived. Went by Continental Trailway Comprar Levitra bus. The drivers are Jack "Oxandrolone Powder India" Moore and Zeb Roberts. We stopped at Buffalo, Okla. Most of us had not been asleep. Walter Collins entertained us all the way. Our next stop was at the Okla. and Kan. line for a check up. We stopped again at Hugaton, Kan. for a break. Stopped for lunch in Lamar, Colo, at the bus station.

We arrived at McLaughlin Lodge in Manitou Springs, Colo. It is really pretty, here. Got postcards at the lodge. Wrote home. but didn't sleep . . . too much excitement.

Girls in my cabin: Marguerite Brewster, Betty Brown, Patty McKinney, Sally Mitchell, Sharilyn Walker, Loueen Watkins. Went to the lodge for breakfast. Played games, met kids from McRammey, took lots of pictures and bought gifts at the gift shop until time for church service. Had church service in the other girls' cabin. After church service, we had a meeting to plan what we would do the rest of the week. Mrs. Aldridge told us the rules we were expected to follow throughout our stay.

We went to the Garden of the Gods in the afternoon and saw the Balanced Rock. After supper, Goose McClain, Marguerite Brewster, Don Gibson, Connie Ellis and I went to a movie in Manitou. We walked back Tren Delantero Ford F100 72 to the lodge where Tom Easton and I danced and talked to seniors from other schools until midnight.

Wednesday, May 18

We cleaned up our cabin and stayed around the lodge playing games and talking to kids from other schools until the middle of the morning. Then we took the cable car to the top of Manitou Incline. From there we took the cog railway up Pike's Peak to the top. It was interesting to see how much the landscape changed as we went higher and higher, finally passing the tree line. Oxygen was supposed to be thin, but I couldn't tell any difference. Cold and snowing at the top!!!

Up there, cheeseburgers are 65 cents! More than twice what we pay at home. Bought a candy bar, instead (15 cents). Three times what we pay at home. The kids from McRammey were there, also. Saw the Continental Divide. Rivers flow this way at that point. Came down the mountain by car.

Walter Brunson, Walter Collins, Glen McClain

at the top of Pike's Peak.

After we got back, Tom Easton and I Testosterone Cypionate 2000mg read the comics and tried to beat each other doing the crossword puzzle. Both gave up. Excuse: Too much thinking in the thin air. Then we danced, played miniature golf and went to Miracle House. The Bixby girls got into a water fight with the Bixby boys. We won but very wet. Some Texas boys tried to have a panty Turinabol Roid Plus raid about midnight. Mr. Mrs. Aldridge had a meeting at the boys cabin and put a stop to it.

Sunday, May 22

Got home today. Tired but had a wonderful time. I'll never have a trip like this, again. It's sad to leave all my friends. I probably won't sleep for thinking about it.

The future is going to change us. Loueen will be my roommate. Sally, Pattie (sic) and Pat are going to OU. Wayne is going to A Think Bub is going there, too.

Marguerite will become a scientist and first woman to win some prestigious prize for her discovery. JoEllen will continue her singing and probably be a star. Shirley has talked about joining the Army. Ray joined the Marines after football season. Wish he had stayed here and gone with us. Pearlie, Betty and Rosie will get married. Many of the girls are going to work as secretaries and bookkeepers at businesses in Tulsa. Some started work before they graduated.

It's a little scary to think about the future, how much things will change, and all the unknown things. What will I be doing four years from now? Ten years from now? Twenty five years away? Will I have a career or be a housewife and mother? Will I live in Bixby, Tulsa or somewhere far from here that I haven't thought about? The future is out there in front of me, but still in the shadow of the high school days I'm leaving behind me.

I'll miss Mother singing while she works, her cooking and the good smells of our house. I'll miss waking up to the early morning crop report on Daddy's radio and the sound of his pickup truck when he comes home from work. I'll miss my "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" bed and Annie. Wayne won't be there for the first time in my life. I'll miss him and Johnny. I'll miss walking to school with Betty and riding around in Sally's old car. I'll miss Patricia whom I've known since grade one. Pearlie and Patty won't be there. In all, I'll miss the fun of going to school in Bixby . . . and Mrs. Spradling.